Healthcare Comfort Calls

Toll-free AI phone line that allows patient family members to hear recorded updates on their loved ones, provided daily or even hourly by facility healthcare staff, listen to FAQ and facility updates and message the staff.

Multi Unit Management Tool

An all-in-one CRM, Online Team Communication  and Project Manager, and collaborative troubleshooting tool for multi-unti busnesses with omnichannel input through Alexa smart-speakers, phones and websites. 

Tableside Messaging

This AI-powered chatbot is a two-way messaging system between the customer and the FOH. Tableside AI automatically handles common customer requests (request the check, get server to a table, update an order) and hands-off communication to a backoffice dshboard for fulfillment.




Megaphone AI is an omnichannel suite of tools that combines SMS, Voice, Chatbots and Rich Media to drive engagement, enhance customer-facing services, capture consumer data and optimize sales conversions.


A.I Call Centers

An A.I fueled, voice-activated Contact Center solution that lets customers make reservations, schedule appointments, respond to questions about the business and take phone orders for goods and services.

Alexa Voice Apps for Businesses

A Virtual Voice Assistant for businesses available to cosumers to interact through their Amazon alexa and Google Home smart speakers to  hear business information like specials, hours, location and order products and services. 

Personal Voice Time Capsules

While this is not for business its a cool tool – Interactive voice enabled time capsules that tell the story of your loved ones through Alexa smart speakers and allows them to ask and respond to questions about their loved ones. When you pass on, your words will live on.

Built For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

All of Emotive A.I solutions are engineered to work universally on smart speakers like Alexa, mobile phones, computers and smart TV’s and iOS and Android apps.

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